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Small Business X'ALT APP

MARKETING | OPERATIONS | REPUTATION - Acquire customers with marketing solutions designed to showcase your business and app. Focus on what you do best, less time processing orders or reservations. Make your customer brand avocates, prompt your happy customers to leave reviews or take surveys.

MOBILE EXPERIENCE - We create every mobile application with an intuitive design engine that provides a stunning app with every single customer in mind. With our A.I. power software, we implement a great mobile experience specifically designed for your industry and sector of business.

ANALYTICS | CHANGES | COMMUNICATION - We provide with full control to analyze your app's data. Whether it's how many installs, ordering, message delivery rate or who's your best customer and easily communicate with them. Manage all that your does with or powerful CMS. It's time to Engage Smarter.

Benefits That Matter

The Features You'll Love It

Loyalty Progams

Increase repeat visits and lifelong loyalty, reward your best customers.

Customer Rewards

Our loyalty feature allows customers to have an in-app version of a traditional stamp card. We virtual stamp, tiered loyalty, club cards options available for you to engage smarter and grow.

Mobile Ordering

Increase your revenue, place ordering power in your customers hands.


The mobile ordering feature is a simple and effective way for your business to take orders via your mobile app in-app payment. You have full control with customization options.


Get more in-app reviews to improve your online presence an get found.


Take control of your online reputation and get your business to the top of search results by boosting reviews. We prompt app users to review your business.


Keep customers up-to-date with specials, announcements and events.


Send push messages to your customers, group, or individual(s). It allows for plain text, rich media or linked content to increase customer engagement.


Integrate with third-party services to streamline your processes.

Operational Efficiency

Integrate 3rd-party tools that you already use or want to use. This includes, food delivery (ex: Grubhub), email platform (ex: MailChimp), Reservation (ex: Opentable), webhook (ex: Zapier).

So Much More

See our forever growing list of developed features by visiting our Knowledge Base page.


A complete list of everything you  can do with Xalt Apps currently. More features are constantly being developed and added.

We Make Your life Easier (All-in-One)

Live Stats Anywhere

We keep track of everything. All users and interactions to see how well your app and campaigns is performing. We make adjustments along the way to deliver the best possible experience to your customers. You'll know, if applicable:

  • How many app installs/uninstalls
  • Delivery rate and open rate of push messaging
  • List of OS devices active on PWA, iOS, & Android
  • Coupon stats: list of used coupons with all details
  • Loyalty card report: list of all stamps, list of current status of all loyalty cards per user
  • Ecommerce report of all order details
  • Social media campaigns & video campaign statistics- the who, what, when, where of engagement

We provide the best analytics and R.O.I. calculator for all of our clients with a more intelligent approach to engage smarter.


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